she dreamed of paradise
every time she closed her eyes
It’s finally moving day


If you need to pawn him off on someone else for a while so you can pack I could probably come up with something he could help out with here. Or you could just send him out on random errands. 


I will definitely keep that in mind. Blaine has offered to take him off my hands if he gets to be too much for me, too. So far he hasn’t been that bad so I can deal with it.

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  • Puck: If that's all I wanted then I'd just bend you over in front of a mirror or something. You know we don't gotta, right? Cause I'm not gonna do it if you're not into it. Just figured we could try something.
  • Quinn: I know, but I'm still skeptical that something will happen and we'll end up internet famous for releasing a sex tape. We're attractive enough that people would definitely want to watch us.
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I thought you all should know first,


Or at least kind of first. I don’t know all of the story yet, and part of me doesn’t really want to, but Mr. Schue made it official today that glee club is and will be cancelled for the rest of the year. I don’t know about the years after that, but he sounded pretty serious when he said that it was over. I’ve been trying to talk him out of it, but he just said that it was out of his hands.


So, yeah. I thought you guys should hear the news first.

Did he say why he’s ending it? I know Coach Sylvester has been trying for years, but I didn’t really think she’d actually succeed at doing that with how hard Mr. Schue has worked to keep it going.

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  • Rachel: Oh, I know there's no forcing things and I'm really not trying to do that - I'm just aware that I need to at least try a friendship. If it felt weird it would phase out.
  • Rachel: Anyway, I'm looking forward to the girls night in on Friday.
  • Quinn: You'll be fine.
  • Quinn: It should be a lot of fun. It's been far too long since we've all had a chance to see each other.
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He probably would. Is Reggie coming to New Haven with you guys or is he going to stay in New York? Because then he’ll have Reggie withdrawals too.


He’s going to Blaine’s new apartment with him so I’m sure Puck’s going to be missing him as well.

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  • Brittany: Awesome! It'll be even more fun with that. What kind of game is it?
  • Quinn: It's just a box that has a bunch of different game in it that you can play.
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  • Puck: Wouldn't make it to ignore it.
  • Quinn: I'm still not positive you're doing this because you want to see yourself have sex.
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Probably. But the new apartment is very… Well, Puck’ll like it, I’m sure.


Remind me to send him with you whenever you go to it next.

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Is Friday good for you? We can meet somewhere or you can tell me where you live and I’ll navigate my way up there.


Friday sounds perfect to me. I’ll text you the address and it shouldn’t be hard to find.

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  • Puck: Dunno. Something new?
  • Quinn: Would you actually watch it?
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